In addition to the MaM Journal’s Onsite Program Guide, this site contains everything you’ll need to access the program schedule (including a search engine). As always, papers in their entirety will be able to be accessed through Cambridge Journals online after the meeting, as well as on the conference proceedings media (for meeting attendees only).

The Microscopy Society of America, the Microanalysis Society, and the International Metallographic Society welcome you to M&M 2014 in Hartford, Connecticut, USA. This year is even more special as we welcome the Microscopical Society of Canada and the International Union of Microbeam Analysis Societies (IUMAS), which is holding its IUMAS-6 meeting in conjunction with M&M 2014.

M&M 2014 is a unique community of scientists and technology providers from a wide variety of fields, from all over the world. Each year the meeting gets better and more comprehensive, as we enhance and strengthen the Societies that come together to share and collaborate on scientific knowledge.

The M&M 2014 mobile app will be available in the start of July. You will be able to create a personalized itinerary for the conference directly from your mobile device!

Enjoy your time at M&M 2014 with colleagues and friends!